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Bedroom Dream Band: Jay Som Talks About Producing Her New Album By Herself (Bitch Media)

On Its Self-Titled Debut, Lilac Daze Wears Its Influences Boldly On Its Sleeve (Washington City Paper)

mp3 premiere: “I Think I Love You”(Waxahatchee cover) – Boyscout Thriller (The Grey Estates)

Circle of Strife: New Albums By Governess and Infinity Crush, Reviewed (Washington City Paper)

Introducing: Oshwa (Bandcamp Daily)

Premiere: Governess, ‘Broken Glass’ (Washington City Paper)

Just An Average (Glitter-Covered, Gender-Neutral, Utopian) Rock Band (NPR Music)

Songs We Love: The Afterglows, “Angels In The Sunshine Hotel” (NPR Music)

Shura’s ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ Video Celebrates Teen-Crush Teamwork (NPR Music)

“‘Woke Up New/Older:’ On Storytelling and Sad Song Kinship” (Subdivider)

“‘Your Ghost Is Haunting Me’: The Intimacy Of Yowler” (Subdivider)

politics + society:
Why Does The GOP Still Support Dangerous Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’? (The Establishment)

Marissa Lorusso at PRI.org

“Survey: Stress, Stigma and Access Loom Large for Millennials” (American University, “Matters Of The Mind”)

“Experiencing Eating Disorders: ‘This Is Not The Life I Want To Live'” (American University, “Matters Of The Mind”)

in print:
Review: Mitski, Puberty 2 (Bitch Magazine # 72)

Interview: Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak (She Shreds Issue #11)

“DIVULGE” (Keeper Zines #3)

“U G L Y” (Keeper Zines #2)

“GRRRLS IN CARS” (Keeper Zines #1)